Staying humble.....

When things are going so well. That is my goal right now. Both problems with the van have been fixed, one by itself and the other with some blood and alot of Dad's help. Today Dad and I changed out the heater core. Took us 7 hours, much longer than I thought it would, but doesn't it always? It is done, and everything seems to be working fine. As for the air bag light flashing, it stopped on the way home Monday night. I found out the sequence it was flashing meant "12" as in code 12. That means the alternator is not charging or the battery is bad. Well, the alternator is charging and the van has started fine so that only leaves that the van has been sitting awhile and the battery had run down some. After the 20 mile one-way drive to work 3 or 4 times, the alternator had charged the battery sufficiently to turn the light out. So everything is looking very very good right now. And that leads me to my title for this entry. With so much going so well, and my personal feelings at an all time high despite my ongoing worries at work and my unsavory dealings with Dawn's lawyer, I have made it a personal mission to stay humble. So many people are struggling, with health, finances, relationships that I think it is important to not lose sight of these things. A terrible tragedy happened earlier this week. A mother, suffering from post-partem depression severed the arms of her 11 month old baby. The child died later at a hospital. A life barely started is already stopped. This is how I tie in the butterfly effect with God's plan. This child's purpose, set out by God, has been accomplished. We don't know what this baby's purpose was, but it is completed and she is now in Heaven with our Lord. I think it is ok to feel good about oneself if they are in a good place in their life, just don't allow oneself to feel too good.

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