"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" "A simple truth: You go in the direction you are headed. That's why it's crucial that you not focus on what you don't want." This if from my horoscope in the local paper from yesterday, and I really think it is some words for me to think about. 'go in the direction I am headed'. to me that means just keep doing what I have been doing, working towards the goals I have set for myself. '...not focus on what you don't want.' I am trying to define what it is I truly don't want. I don't want unhealthy relationships. I don't want to dig myself back into debt. I don't want to go back to bad habits. I don't want to become angry with the world again. So I will focus on what I have been doing. Paying off debt, shooting photos and creating my website and albums. Taking care of my parents. I am trying something new to keep a positive attitude. I am trying (takes practice!!) to use positive words such as 'I will, I did, I can, etc.' instead of words such as 'no,not,cannot,can't,won't,etc'. Somehow I feel that the more positive energy I bring into my life, the more positive my life will be. I have started to provide my own dinners 4 nights a week. I am having salad. I purchased all the good stuff, packaged it in small bags, cooked some boneless chicken, got the balsamic vinegar dressing. I have decided that with the hot months ahead, a cool dinner is way better than a hot one. If I am to live here where it is hot 5-6 months a year, cool meals are the way to go. The dsl went down yesterday and I was concerned that it was the new router going out just as the old one did. But i did a did a series of tests and it was not the router. Later I called sbc and they had a recording that the network is down. I transferred 3gb of data from mom's puter to mine over the network. That was really cool!! I know there are many out there that have done that before and it is nothing new, but for me it was really cool. If I ever own a home again, I am going to wire the whole thing through the walls with ethernet cable. I know wireless is out there, but cable is easy so easy to do. I will put a pc in several rooms and network them. I think I would like to have to hidden way back somewheres, one for video and one for music and that is all they would do. Put two 300gb hard drives in each so I would have plenty of space to record television shows and music. This needs more attention.

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