"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" Just talked to Bethany. Had a very good conversation. I have decided I would be happy to be her boyfriend if she ever changed her mind on that. whenever I do meet a woman I just want to be a boyfriend for a long time and see where things go. Enjoy some time together. Do some things. I know she reads this and I value her friendship so I will keep this here and only this one time will I mention it. Once upon a time Bethany and I had some fun but we moved way too fast in making our relationship very serious. we are both older and wiser now and if she ever thought about it I feel we could have alot of fun together. No guarantees about anything, just share some time together. And if she wants to keep things the way they are all she has to do is keep silent about this entry and it will stay that way. But I do feel it is important to say this one time. someone out there just might want my company and companionship and I am ready to have theirs.

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