"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" Not much going on right now. work is going fine. I have started eating out after work. cheap stuff. wendy's, taco bell, etc. it just easier that way and i know each evening what i am going to eat. most evenings i eat at the joint and read my book, but on thursday nights i head to the house so i can see "csi" and "without a trace". watched the next to last episode of "friends". i just know ross and rachel will finish the show together. it has to be. anything else would be such a letdown. I ran out of st johns wort last week and i decided to try something else. i felt the st johns wort was a good thing but i also wanted to take some vitamins. i found one called stresstabs and almost bought the generic version at krogers. but i wanted to check the prices at the evil empire (walmart). they did not have a generic version ro at least i could not find one but i did find a vitamin supplement called onesource that had pretty much the same things, some in more amounts others in less amounts. much cheaper. supposed to help you process your food better. i just know i feel really good. maybe just a mental thing, but i seem to be losing weight and i just feel really really good. also, because i am eating out after work and because of the heat i have started changing into shorts after work. it sure does make the drive alot more refreshing. only one more week until i go to arkansas to see jessica. i really can't wait. i miss her so much and i am looking forward to when she comes home. i hope she can get it together and come this summer. she only has a few more years of being a kid and then she will be on her own, i want to be there for as much of it as i can.

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