"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" Just took and IQ test. scored a 135 on it! Hooray for me! I think that is pretty good. Whether it is completely accurate is something I am unable to vouch for, but the questions seemed to involve critical thinking and logical thought processes. anyways it made me feel pretty good! Today is going well. The weather is just beautiful. I have finally figured out what it is I am smelling whenever I sit here at the computer. It is the large bush that is blooming outside of the window. And it is driving me crazy! I have to say that my new budget process is working. Because I put actual cash in my pocket each week for spending money I can physically see when I spend money. I know it is all about frame of mind, but hey if it works, it works. It has caused me to be much more prudent in my spending. It is teaching me about saving and careful spending. I am learning that I can do without alot of the things I want. I will spend some of it at sometime but I do like watching it grow in my wallet. Human nature. It confuses me so much. Because of what I have been through and the thought processes I have learned I have really started to watch other people. Today at Wal-mart as I was waiting in the self-checkout line I noticed this older gentleman who was in the process of checking out his groceries. He was making it so hard on himself. He had left all of his groceries in his cart (this checkout had the long conveyor belt so there was plenty of room for his groceries) and he had the cart out in front of him. He was only aprox 5'7" - 5'9" tall at the most, yet he would reach across the back of basket (picture yourself as if you were pushing the basket) to retrieve his items one at a time, scan it in and then toss it into the bag. This would continue for quite a bit of time, and to make things more interesting, he just continued to fill bags but would not take the bags off the "shelf" so that they continued to pile up and take up more room. Finally he finished ringing up his items and paid his bill, but because he had left every single item on the shelf his eggs fell on the floor because he could not pick up his bags properly. This man seemed to have at least a normal amount of intelligence and he was not THAT old (maybe in his mid-60's) but come on, think about it. even if you are not going to put your things onto the conveyor belt, at least turn the cart sideways so that it is a little easier to get to the stuff. This is not the rant of a know-it-all (I will never allow myself to become one of those again!), just someone that became amused at the observation that we tend to make things so hard on ourselves because we have forgotten how to THINK before we act!!!! I have learned that I am quite the philosopher and student of human nature. I always have been fascinated and interested in this but only recently did I become consciously aware that I like to do this. I have been a people watcher for a long time but now it is something deeper. I guess this is more for my journal/websites as I go through life. I hope to be able to add pictures to my discussions of people and what makes them who they are. I got a call from Primus today. I am sorry but Mr. Let-Everyone-Walk-All-Over-Him Paul is a person of the past. If Tina cannot come up with the payments for the truck I WILL pick it up and take it back.

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