"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" "You can't keep it inside, it'll make you sick". this is a quote from a sitcom I was watching tonight. The wife was telling the husband the reason her hair is falling out is stress but that the stress is from the husband. she said that at least once a day he does something that make her want to "kill" him. we know she really means she gets stressed. he asked her why she didn't say something. she said she didn't want be a "nag". and that is when he told her about not keeping it inside. that is what i was trying to make clear to tam as I was trying, (in vain) to keep our marriage together. she has to communicate with those around her. she held her feelings and thoughts inside until she just wanted everything to go away instead of facing it. and because of her inability to express herself, i lose her.

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