"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" I awoke this morning remembering a dream from the night just past. In this dream I found at least two watches. At first I did not understand the significance of this, but as I thought about it I came to the conclusion that this is a message to relax and settle down. That I have plenty of "time" and that I do not have to rush through life anymore. What I feel is another message for me is an article I read the other day concerning a retired locksmith. He spends half a year in Arizona and the other half in Oregon living in a motorhome. Because of his skill as a locksmith, he is always in demand by someone in the campgrounds so he either gets rent for free or picks up some spending money. Now I don't know if the message is to be a locksmith per say or just find a trade that I can do in later life that would be in demand in a living situation such as that. I have already accepted that I will never be rich or well off, but if I have no debt I can live quite comfortably on a little money. All I need to live as I want to and do the things I want to do is a couple of cameras and a couple of computers. Give me a camper and truck or a motor home and I will have everything. I am a simple guy with simple needs and wants and with a computer and internet connection I can keep in touch with family, email pics and stories and maintain a website for family to see. I have always been a wandering spirit, wanting to explore and see things firsthand and to bring those sights to others that cannot see them for whatever reason. With no guarantees about how long I have to live, this is my goal now, to set myself up for this life as I get my daughter into adulthood. Soon enough she will be doing her own thing and I can then do mine. This is my calling. I truly believe that. Yesterday was such a good day. Nothing special happened, I was just in such a good mood and frame of mind. I was upbeat and full of joy. I have found peace and harmony in my life. As Dr. Phil would say, I finally "get it". Things have become so clear to me, I only wish I could have had this direction 20 years ago, but as the dream foretold me, I have time to make these things happen. That is how I choose to interpret the dream. I have time. But I have to make good use of this time. I cannot dawdle. Paying my bills is the first step. Once I get those paid off, then I can concentrate on aquiring the things I will need. I will need some kind of truck or van that is strong enough to pull a small trailer. That will take a couple years to do, at the least. Once that is accomplished I will need to save cash to actually be able to go somewheres. Then decide where to go. I am also considering instead of a trailer to haul stuff, getting a small airstream type camper so I can live in it until I find an apartment wherever I end up. Right now Portland, Oregon sounds like a good first place. I know the auto dealership business, so that is what I need, a city large enough to have a few dealers. sooner or later one of them will be able to use my skills and that will be the moment I go, when they can hire me. anyways, I am getting ahead of myself. That is at least 4 years away. But what I do between now and then is what will determine whether I can do this.

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