"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" what a weekend! work was ok yesterday and mom got me an 80gb hard drive from fry's. i installed it last night and tried to format it by the instructions i downloaded off the internet but as usual it did not go well, so i attempted to use partition magic. but also as usual i did not read the book and it took all night and half of today for it to format. but it worked and now i have plenty of space for my photos and music. Uncle Tony and Aunt Earlene came by today to pick up the camper and we all went to lunch. I took some photos afterward of them and mom and dad. the photos came out quite good and after some editing they really look good. i used the hedge in front of the house as a backdrop and it worked well. mother and i had some words tonight and i said something that a son should not say to his mother even though she said it to me first. we talked about it and everything is ok but what really bothers me is that i allow things to get to me. i want to let it roll of my sleeve no matter how much it hurts. she has two things i wish she could learn better. impatience and she does not shut up after asking a question. i am trying to focus and give her an answer and she keeps on talking, hollering cussing etc. tomorrow i have to call the state on the insurance part of my child support and get that straightened out. i am eligible for insurance may 1st and when i got the memo from work on friday i paniced because they were being ordered to enroll me. the state never checks the original order when sending out these orders. but after calming down i thought about it and this may be an opportunity to get the decree changed from me reimbursing dawn for insurance to me carrying my own and therefore getting insurance on me. we all make decisions in life that seem so right at the time we make them but don't turn out quite as we had hoped they would. it is called gaining wisdom. it will piss dawn off if they change it but it was my idea in the first place to reimburse her instead of carrying him on my own. i also have to do my taxes tomorrow so that i can get them mailed off. i found out the other day when i tried to do them online that texas is one of a handful of community property states. i already new that but what i did not know is that in community property states you cannot file married filing seperately electronically. i thought about using the old south dakota address but i will just download the forms from the irs website and fill them out on the pc and mail them off. i did not sleep well last night and am so tired today. i did get the mowing done even though it feels like january outside. not much else going on here. i am bound and determined to stick to my new budget and not give in. i want to be someone different from who i have been because even though i feel i was a pretty good person, it just was not working for me. if i stay disciplined it will become habit and it will work. it is called living within your means. if the cash is not in my pocket, i don't need it. things are looking up and getting better and if the way i have been doing things is responsible for the good fortune then i want to keep it up. hands hurt so this is enough for tonight.

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