"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" The following questions I got off of another blog (Caffeine and Nicotine) that I really thought were a good way to describe a little about me. He got them out of an old New York Times Sunday Magazine. If we keep this going from reader to reader, soon everyone will know everything about everyone! I am thinking of coming back to these questions in six months, answering them anew to see what has changed in my life. We shall see. Morning Routine: Wake up at 7am, drink coffee and surf the net until 8am. Feed the dogs and birds, do dishes, shower, make lunch, eat breakfast, get dressed and then leave for work at 9:30am. What my apartment needs: Wish I had an apartment right now, sleeping on sofa sleeper at the parents house is getting old. Superstitions: To this day I think it is bad luck to step on a crack. Person I most identify with: Bob Saggett's character in "Full House" because he was a single father trying to make it in the world. Also George Costanza from Seinfeld because I seem to always screw up a good thing. Talent I wish I had: Ability to communicate with others with patience and understanding. Next big purchase: 20gb battery operated hard drive that accepts xd memory cards so I can download my photos while I am on a weekend trip. Music I'm listening to a lot: Classical. It evokes such emotion in me. (Jazz/love songs close second for the same reason.) What I'm reading: Left Behind series. I have just finished the 3rd book, Nicolae. I am attempting to deepen my faith in God. Workout: Walking/Hiking Favorite place to shop: Fry's Electronics Favorite living musician: Roger Daltry (does a singer count?) Worst Habit: Letting go of the past. Worrying about what I cannot control. (ok, that makes 2 but they both are hard for me) Most Valued possession: My digital camera. (Before that it was my 35mm SLR's. To record a moment in time and yet it can tell a whole story is just about the best way I can leave a legacy for future generations.) Hero: Dr. Phil. I guess because as I go through this tough time and as a result of this tough time I learn about who I am and what I want I just read his book, 'Life Strategies'. It has had a very profound effect on who I am and what I want out of life. I have really started working on many of the things I needed to change in my life and they actually are working. I look back and I really don't like who I was. I have always had some very good qualities but I had been so angry with the world for such a long time it has cost me so much. After reading Dr. Phil and listening to what I read as though he was actually talking to me, I love his in-your-face style. I had always enjoyed watching him on tv, but reading his book has taken my belief in him to a new level. Favorite household chore: Cooking. I love to cook for others. Simple things, I am not a chef. And I am talking meat and dishes. Dessert is for others to cook. Least favorite chore: Washing dishes. My house and apt after that were without a dishwasher and it was definately low on my list of chores. Favorite City: Rapid City, South Dakota. it is such a quiet, slow city. I miss it so much but I feel that unless my situation with my estranged wife changes for the better I have lived my last day there. I must go back for a couple of days to retrieve my things, but then it will be over. I may vacation there someday (I have told my parents they must go someday) but not to live. Best gift I received lately: Gift to myself of hope for my future. By looking inside myself and working to change the things about me that need to be changed while identifying the good things about me and continuing to enhance those things I give myself a real chance at a fulfilling life.

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