"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." I just got back from my trip to Ft. Boggy. It did me alot of good to get out and hike around, shoot some pictures. Lots of time to think about things. Ft. Boggy is a pretty neat park. Small lake, smaller than center lake or sylvan lake in south dakota and not near as pretty, but still a nice park. I hiked probably a total of 4 miles. When I got there, I found a picnic table, ate part of my lunch and then set off. I missed the actual trail and instead followed a clearing for an underground pipeline. But near the end of this hike, I found where the trail intersected and finished on it. When I got back to the picnic area, I rested a bit, drank some water and then set out on a different trail, the nature trail. This one finally deadends and you have to backtrack, but it was near the lake. Upon returning once again to my picnic area, I rested again and then set out on the long trail which follows the fence line at the back of the park. Back there it tends to get quite spooky as the trees grow very close to the trail making a tunnel of sorts. It is alot like the small white barked trees we had encountered on our first trip up custer peak. very spooky. On my first hike I came across some "fur" on the ground. Upon further inspection I realized it was the droppings of an animal that had eaten a furry animal. From that point on I kept a close watch for mountain lions and bobcats!! A couple of times I saw tracks that were very large and looked as to have claws marks at the front of the track. Nothing happened, fortunately, which is obvious since I am writing this! By the time I returned after this last hike, I was hurting quite a bit. My new shoes worked out very well. I ate again, watched a couple of mothers with their children play around, and then left. I finally found a package of jerky that was not more expensive than what I was willing to pay, at walmart, where else? I ate that all the way back to the house, so by the time I got home, I was quite full. On he way home, i weakened and cried over Tam once again. I talked to God for quite a while. We have an understanding of sorts. I really enjoyed the day, which is what I need to do, enjoy life, but I was sad that I enjoyed it alone, without Tam at my side. I did what I like to do, hike, picnic, and photography and while I will cherish the memories and learning about a new place, it just isn't the same without her. It was the kind of place she would have liked to see. Soon I will get the pictures edited and I will post a link to them for all to see.

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