Habitats | 100th Street and West End Avenue: A One-Bedroom Bursting With Life and Still Lifes

"it explores his notion that couples need to conceive a mental area that is something between his position and hers. 'When you're sharing in an atmosphere of scarcity,' he said in a peculiarly apt definition of marriage, though he was referring to their home, 'sometimes you may want more than there is, for instance, space for yourself. You have to learn to accommodate the fact that you may be getting less than you want, but it isn't the other person's fault. It's a way of reinterpreting the feeling of not having something."
i read this in an article in the new york times about a family (dad, mom, son) that have lived in a one bedroom, three room apartment for over 15 years (son is 14 now). i just thought it sounded like good advice for a marriage, something to keep in mind when things are not quite going your way with your partner. "

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