"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" i was watching a program tonight and the husband said to his wife, "am i going to hell?" because of something he had done that day. she replied, "but you don't believe in hell", to which he replied, "i believe in somewhere you are not". that is how i feel about not being with tam. somewhere she is not is a hell for me, it must be, because being with her was heaven. i finally wrote a letter to jess today. i will mail it tomorrow, so she should have it by tuesday, or wednesday at the latest. today was a struggle. but everytime something happened (spilled soda on my shirt, banged my arm on a door) i just repeated to myself, over and over, it is not what happens to you, but rather how you react to what happened. saying it repeatedly allows me to take a moment and think about an appropiate response. it keeps me from putting my foot in my mouth or embarrasing myself. tonight i learned how to make a video cd of photos, with it set to music. It was not very fancy, but it was a start, and it worked!

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