"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" recieved a letter from jess yesterday. also talked to her last night. she seems to be doing ok, but i must work with her on her spelling. lights were installed in my new "office" yesterday. next up is to have a/c - heating duct work installed. maybe today or tomorrow. then the glass wall, which i recieved the quote for yesterday ($900), so i think by the end of next week it will be finished. i can't wait! mother got her new tooth yesterday. it is only a temporary bridge, but it looks so much better. she will get her permanent bridge in a few weeks. i bought me some work shoes monday. bought 2 pairs of reebok solid black athletic shoes from mervyn's. i could not wear the shoes i had brought with me anymore, they were just hurting my feet too much. and i learned a long time ago to (a) you get what you pay for so buy good shoes and (b) do not wear just one pair all the time. the shoes are not identical, i got one pair on clearance for $33 and the other on sale for $40, plus i had a coupon for 10% off if i used my card. now i will be set on work shoes for 6 mos - to a year. and i can wear these away from work also. it has been raining and chilly since monday afternoon. supposed to be this way all week. i have learned i cannot eat chile for dinner anymore. if i get in and nothing has been prepared for dinner, i must either eat a sandwich or make myself go get something. that chile just gets to me too much.

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