"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" talked with jess the other night. mom and i are going shopping for her this weekend. i have an appointment to view an apartment this coming monday. it is a one bedroom but it may be well suited for me and jess to share. it has washer and dryer connections. and the bathroom has 2 entries so that either one of us would be able to use it without bothering the other. i will give her the bedroom and i will buy a fold up bed ($149) and sleep in the living room. i have already designed a room divider using hollow core doors and hinges. i was going to use the design for myself in an efficiency, but it will work fine in this apartment. they will be enclosing my office at work either saturday or monday. that works well, because saturday's i work from the drive and i am off on monday's. next week the install the a/c - heater ducts, and this weekend i will look for a desk that will fit in my tiny area. it is very ironic this is happening. when i went to work at ben franklin, the thought came to me that i had wished i had that kind of work area (secluded, out of the way) at bankston nissan. well, now i have it. i have a job doing what i know best, and i have an office way out yonder, hidden from most everyone. it really is a strange thing the way things turn out. and you just never know which wishes will come true and which won't. go figure. i hope tam is doing ok. of course i have not heard from her and i don't expect to, but i still love her and hope her treatments are going well. i may not be able to take care of her but i can still pray for her and hope she is getting better.

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