The Butterfly Effect...

"the chaos-theory supposition that a butterfly flapping wings on one part of the globe might trigger a hurricane on another. " Earlier I had wrote about somehow affecting anothe person and that in turn would lead them to to something great or lead them to affect another and they would do something great. I did not have a name for this, but after reading a review of the Ashotn Kutcher movie "The Butterfly Effect", that is precisely the name of the theory for what I was talking about. Now we all are part of this as a whole, but not everyone has an effect that will lead to something good, or so it seems, because some things lead to tragedies, but quite possibly in the end, when time does stop, all of the so-called "tragedies" will lead to a wonderful event, a higher level of existence. Who knows? But if all of us that have good minds and hearts keep the faith that all things that happen will lead to a good ending, then it will happen that way. It comes down to the age old battle of good vs. evil. As long as those of us that believe good will win stay in the majority, good will triumph over evil. It is the masses, not an individual, that controls destiny, but it is the individual that leads the masses. David Koresh did not stand against the ATF agents by himself, but he led the masses that did. President Bush does not fight the forces against us in Iraq, but he leads the masses that do. Strategy is what wins battles, mental and physical ones, but it is human emotion that controls the masses to act.

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