"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." 1.21.2004 3:32:05 PM I thought today was starting out good, that is until i go to work and i was reminded i was supposed to attend orientation today at the ford store. so i missed it. i am not sure if bruce was serious or not but he said he was going to take an ass chewing over it and that some people have been let go for missing it. i called the woman that handles the scheduling of the class and she told me to just go to next months class. i will most assuredly be at that class. i went to the park today at lunch and shot alot of pics. the weather is nice today, not much breeze, cool temperatures and clear skies. had a really good time and really can't wait to see them on the puter. i will have to wait, mother said she will be on her puter all evening. tomorrow morning i will have some time to look at them. not much else going on, work is slow this week, of course it is tax time. 4:55:13 PM told bruce yesterday about having the old laptop computer from bankston. he didn't care that i had it. i know he had something against those that had been istrumental in getting it for the girl that i took over for. i wish i had it now. but not as much as i wish i had my wife back. 6:15:02 PM 7 years. that is how long it will be come next month since i met dawn and my life has been a struggle like i never could have imagined it would be. 3 failed relationships. 2 children that i never get to see. i can only hope that there is something to the old fable about 7 years bad luck and that my 7 years is coming to an end. i love my wife and my children, and that includes my step-children because for better or worse, i have affected their lives too. what i want now is some peace. i want to rebuild my marriage to tam. i want to support my daughter and get to know my son. i want to support my wife while she helps her daughter is whatever she needs. i want to take care of my parents and my in-laws as much and as best as i can. is this all too much to ask? too much to hope for? i certainly hope not.

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