"Do whatever it takes to be happy, for it is hard to know what life will bring you." 1.15.2004 12:15p.m. Patience and Character. I always new I was short on patience and I thought I was long on character. Some years ago I had one date with a woman that worked with Dad. She was pretty hot and I liked her, but she had alot of drama going on in her life that I just didn't need to be a part of so I did not pursue a second date. But the one thing that stuck with me about her and this didn't even come from the date itself but from her work relationship with Dad, she could not stand the phrase "builds character" because that is what her father always said growing up. But I like that phrase. Life is a series of tests and how we respond to those tests determines our character. I feel that I have improved my character as a result of the tests I have been put through lately. It is said that good things come to those that wait, meaning to the ones that have the patience to wait for the right situations. 1:05 p.m. The weather has just been unreal, kinda like my life these past few months! The daytime highs have ranged from the mid-60's to the mid-70's. It is certainly not winter-like here. I have been fighting this cold and sinus congestion for over 2 weeks and I am getting really tired of it about now. Also getting tired of my leg hurting. I guess I am going to have to take some of my money and go to a clinic and get it looked at. This has gone on long enough and I need for it to get better if I expect to do any bicycling or walking this year. I think this is about the last I will say about Tam, there really is not much more I can say about the whole situation. If she ever would like to give it a go again, all she has to do is call me, and I will come get her. As long as I work for Bruce, I cannot leave Texas, I gave him my word I would not leave if he hired me. If he leaves or she wants to come back to Texas, all I need is a couple days notice and I will catch a flight up there and bring her home. On a different note, I already got to use new camera for work related items. I brought it today just to show it to everyone and because one of the advisors had a car they wanted a picture of because of a possible issue. But that wasn't what happened. Just when I was calling Donny over to show it to him, he was telling someone that he had a vehicle that he needed to take a picture of because of a busted rear window. So he asked me to shoot a few pics of it and then email them to him when I get home tonight. Pretty cool deal, if you ask me. 3:52p.m. Went to the park for lunch as usual but was going to sit at a table and shoot pics while I ate lunch. Drizzling rain kept me in the car for a half hour. Finished eating by then so I got out and shot several pictures of the ball fields, just messing around. A few very fine drops of water got on the camera but nothing I feel worth worrying about. Kris was already back when I returned from lunch. It is raining now and work is slow, not much at all going on. They tell me it is supposed to rain all the way through Saturday, that means a slow ending to the week. I just hope it is nice on Sunday, cold is ok, just as long as it is clear otherwise I will try to find someplace indoors to shoot pictures. I am going to go ahead and purchase a notebook computer in the coming few weeks and get that out of the way. Then I will be all set to shoot, edit, and burn my photos. I am not going to turn in documentation on my child support until I have lawyer in place to help me get it to a more appropiate level so I can support myself on my own.

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