"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" interesting weekend. saturday started off disjointed at work, then smoothed out, and then i was totally dissed by this 20 something cashier that has much to learn about working with others. i know i am not her boss, and that is why i walked away from her mouth (which is part of the new me, recognizing when i am not going to improve the situation and walking away), but i do think with my age and experience, the should have been a small bit of respect involved. she should not have argued with me in front of customers, and she should not have tried to make a decision on her own. she should have called bruce (he was playing driver) and asked if what to do. i said my piece to bruce, and have let it go. i don't get paid enough to take on that responsibility as i did before. and i have no interest in arguing a point with her. misty is known for arguing with co-workers, in front of customers, and for trying to make decisions that neither her nor i have the authority to make. moving forward, i begged and cried enough that dad finally gave me a computer. he had 3 he never uses (well, one is still being built) and i have none. he has said all along, 'you can use it', meaning the one he was given by uncle andy, but he gets upset when a person changes the settings etc. i told him i don't want to "use" a computer, i want it so that i can set it up the way i want to set it up, without having to hear any flak. so he gave it to me, and then when we were at frye's, o bought a router and ethernet card so that i can hook it up to the dsl and mom and i can be online at the same time. in other news, i am moving toward the decision to stay her for the rest of this year. i want to get my bills paid off, and save enough money to go to rc and get my things. just because it will be cold there in november and december does not mean it will be snowing and the weather bad. and i may be able to go earlier than that, sept or october. once i get these bills paid, i can save $150/week for 10 weeks and i will have enough to get a plane ticket and rent a truck. as much as i want my own place, this is the prudent move. i will wait for a final decision until may 1st, but i am leaning this way. i will just talk to the apt complex i paid my app fee to and ask if the can keep it on file and i will take whatever deal they have on a 1 bedroom when i get ready to move. and if they won't do that, i will just find somewhere else to live, closer to work. sooner or later an apt complex will let me move in, even if i have to pay extra. and by this time the truck and several credit cards will be paid off, improving my credit record somewhat. i also need to work on getting the house out of my name. that should help also. going in to work this morning for just a bit, told a customer saturday i would check on a rental bill for her. she is very hot, but she is a total bitch that we will never get rid of. i need to run to frye's also to pick up a longer rj-45 cable so i can hook up the router. i hope it all works.

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