"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" found something and found something i want today. first, as i was walking to Ihop with mom & dad, i found a dollar bill on the ground. i am sorry for someone else's loss, but it is my gain. I put it away as a lucky charm and will only spend in an emergency, a real emergency. second, the other day i read about a portable battery operated cd burner that you put your memory card from your camera into and you can burn your files onto a disc anywheres, anytime. only one problem. it costs $300. but today i found out about a portable, battery operated external 20 gig hard drive that only costs $130 with a $30 mail in rebate. you put your memory card in it and upload your files. later you connect it to your computer via usb cable and upload to your computer. my only problem, but it can be overcome, it does not take the xd card. i have to buy a compact flash adapter for $50 and then i can use my camera's memory card. so it will cost me $150, but that is alot cheaper than the burner and it holds more than 20 times the amount of data.

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