"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" What a day! our computers went out around 12:30 and did not come back on until 5:30. at our Toyota store they were digging up the entrance to the parking lot when the construction crew cut a T-1 internet connection. a large portion of arlington was out of service. SBC had 3 trucks out to splice together over 800 wires that make up the cable. so most of us stood around for 5 hours and did nothing. if ever there was a time to have a slow day it was today. we had hardly any business at all. somehow things work out for the best if you just look for the positive in any situation. tomorrow i am going in early because kris is not going to be at work. her husband and her are signing the papers on their new house. i am so happy for them. i have been reflecting back on the last 20 years of my life and so clearly see where i just did not think about my choices. they all seemed so right at the time, but if i had to do over, i would make different choices. but you can't go back, all you can do is learn from them and make better decisions the next time around. for me i am now focusing on the the next 10 years. they are going to be years of not alot of money and not alot of luxuries. but i am working to set myself up to be able to things with my grandkids, when i have them. if jess waits just 5 years to have children, then the 1st one will be 5 in 10 years. i want to be able to do things with and for my grandchildren. that means money. i really think to accomplish what i want i need to stay away from women and relationships. i don't want to be distracted from being able to do for my daughter and her kid(s). i can't say what will happen, and i certainly would be open to a companion to share time with, but i am not going to be actively seeking it. too little time left in life, and too much to do. the hose i had repaired on the buick blew off again today. i am taking the rental truck back in the morning and dad will pick me up tomorrow evening. i asked him to see what he could do with the car, hopefully he can replace the hose in time for me to take it friday. we cannot be without a vehicle right now. the insurance people finally showed up and that is why we have to turn in the rental tomorrow.

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