"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" What a good day!! of course I felt good, I have been feeling so good for the past 2-3 weeks (maybe there is something to this St. Johns Wort stuff??). I fixed my car this morning, there was this little bitty vacuum hose that had become kinked. once I straightened it out, the car started right up and ran just fine. Then, Misty, who had come back to work today offered my half of her hamburger, when it just happened to be 1:00 pm, just the time I usually get hungry right before i go to lunch at 2:00pm. that worked out well. found out our new file clerk girl is only 17, she will be 18 next month. man, is she hot!! but she is way to young for me. doesn't seem fair, the hottest chicks are always too young for men just as we get old enough to grow up a little bit!! talked to Tom and Tina today. told Tom I am tired of being in between them. I have decided to just talk and listen to Tina. I told Tina this evening she should come be with me. We need to get these kids grown and I am stable, don't drink and I keep my job. Jess is afraid she will have to give up her momma if she comes to live with me. I have always loved Skyler as a son. This is not about love, but about companionship without bullshit and getting these kids grown. then we can go about our ways if that is what we choose to do. I doubt she will do it, but the offer is there. either way I want to get things situated so when Jess gets here I can do my best to get her on her own in a positive way. Today is my 3 month anniversary for working at Don Davis. The job has turned out to be what I always wanted. I am well-liked, respected, I have a distant out of the way office that is cool and comfortable and I like what I am doing. Another demonstration that I am someone different than I used to be was I had been booking a certain operation for the replacement of the catalytic converter incorrectly. Kris came to me and showed me what I was doing wrong and I said wow, no one had ever told me before. Now I will know it. I only hope that this once in a while thing of being incorrect will not keep the techs from asking me, because I am still right many more times than I am wrong. But confidence is a different thing than arrogance. I am confident in my knowledge of what I am doing, but I know that I am not always correct, that I will always have more to learn. Just as in life.

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