So I am not the only one doing this.....

"taking my time... Ok so EVERYONE has been asking me lately why I don't have a boyfriend yet. I tell them: I have dated. I am divorced. WHY would I want to jump into a relationship??? The only person I wanted to even think about in that way was only because hes funny and I had a past with him... but in reality the reason why I don't have anyone right now is because I am picky... and that's what I tell them: I'M TAKING MY TIME. I am taking my time, living my life, accomplishing my goals, having fun, and figuring out who I really am. I had a dose of self-realization this weekend." This is a quote from a blog I came across and it describes why I have not "moved on". I am taking my time also, being picky, because I never want to go through what I have gone through again.

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