"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" called last night to talk to jess and they told me she was not getting calls. i asked why? and the lady told me she would have a counselor call me this morning, as she was just an operator. I stressed that I needed the call 1st thing in the morning. she had said the cousnelors arrive at 8:30. I told her I leave for work at 9:30. so i am hoping to get a call and get up to speed with jessica's situation. arrived at work yesterday and did not have a glass wall built. later, rowdy, the man who is head of all the service and parts dept's for don davis called when he learned it had not been built and asked the guy doing the work when it would be. the guy said possibly today, so i may be in for a hectic day. faxed copies of my child support payment history to the sate a.g.'s office yesterday. this has not been going on for a year and i hope this will get things a little better resolved. i have resigned myself to the fact that dawn is not going to give me credit for money i paid her and i will have to pay that $1600 again. my mistake and i will live with it. but at least i should get credit for the over $3000 i paid last year that the a.g.'s office had not credited me for. i also asked in the letter to get the additional monthly payment lowered from $400 to $200, but i don't think that will happen. it is a shame that i would have to take the state to court just to get this lowered, but i would probably have to pay the lawyer just to do that and it is not worth that effort. as long as i get credit for what i have paid. my new athletic shoes i have been wearing for work have been worth every penny. now that they are broken in, they are so very comfortable. i probably will never wear anything else as long as i have the choice. the new computer mom and dad were given and that i have been using in the den to edit my photos on has a problem. somehow i have made it where it does not recognize either on of the cd drives. it has a cd-rom and a cd-rw. i was installing my software for my pen drive. we are going to just install windows xp and solve the problem. i can't wait as it has been a very good computer for editing photos.

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