"Live today to it's fullest, for tomorrow may never come" sometimes things just work out!! sunday i purchased an ethernet card and a router for the pc mom & dad gave me so that mom and i could be on the dsl at the same time. i installed it all yesterday, and after a little configuring, it was up and running! and the icing on the cake is that last night i happened to be looking at the fry's advertisement and i saw the very same router i purchased on sale!! i paid $40 and it was on sale for $20! today at lunch i went back to fry's and recieved a store credit for $21.50. i used that to purchase a trackball like the one i had before. when i finally get my things from rc, i will take my old trackball to work and use it there. this has worked out very well, to say the least. somewhat of a rough day at work. i kept my interraction with the cashiers on a professional level. i feel that is the best way to do things. i don't want to develop friendships at work, it can cause too many problems. i was so busy logging in new cars and then printing the pdi ro's. talked to jess tonight, but not for long. she wanted to save her time for her mother, which i understand. i was not aware until last week that tina was not getting equal time because i was using it up. jess has a decision to make about where she is going to live once she leaves the ranch. because her mother and step-father are going to divorce, i have a feeling she will go live with her mother. i am going to work to get tina released from all child support obligations so that if she chooses to come back and live in texas she can without fear. that way jess can be closer to me. i may have mentioned in a previous post, but i am leaning towards staying here with mom and dad until the end of the year so that i can pay off bills and save to go to rc and get my things. if i have everything paid off by sept. i can go in mid december to retrieve my things. i will get my vacation pay in december, so christmas will be paid for. thats enough for tonight.

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