Bad news...

Woke up this morning, made my cup of coffee and sat down at the computer to read my news like I always do, and the computer was off. I remember leaving it on last night when I went to bed, but I figured the power had gone off as I remember the folks saying something about the coffee had not made on time this morning as it usually does. Pushed the power button and nothing! Pushed and pushed but it would not turn on! Checked the connections, everything else plugged into the strip works but not the box itself. So I think my power supply has gone KAPUT! I hope that is all it is. I can replace that for under $25 but until then I have to used Mother's computer (I am on it now) and with me set to move within a week I have to do this quickly!
Speaking of computers and moving, I saw an advertisement yesterday for a cable modem for $70. It comes with a $20 mail in rebate from the manufacturer plus a $50 mail in rebate from the store if you sign up for cable service from one of several local cable companies. I will buy it this week as I hope to have my cable internet service up and running by the time I move in next weekend.
Speaking of moving in I have been 99.9% approved for the aparment and I should be 100% approved today. I hope so as the sooner they tell me for sure, the sooner I can get things like electricity and internet turned on. Things are surely falling into place right now and I attribute it all to my growing faith. Got to go now, but will update as to the apartment and computer situations tonight.

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