Today's Events....

Today went by so fast I thought it never happened! S's first day back from vacation so we chatted awhile. Then I called the apartments I had planned to move into, the ones I had submitted an application to back in March. I had called them last Saturday. No return call. Called them yesterday. No return call. Called them yesterday evening. Had a good chat with a woman there. No call back this morning as she had promised. I called them and told them it seems they did not want me to live there. The lady finally told me that her manager had my folder on her desk and would call me this afternoon. No call back this afternoon. But that is ok as I think I have found another place to live. S was telling me about her complex and the prices there. She had a floorplan faxed to me and I called them back and got the prices. They were higher than what she was paying but within my budget. And the are running several specials. The rent is lower and if you sign a 13 month lease, you get the first month free. I called back and asked them if I was to move in tomorrow, I would only pay a prorate for the rest of this month, and then get August free? she said yes except they don't have one available for move in tomorrow. But they may soon. I am going over there tomorrow to look at them. The apartment I am wanting to get is about the same size as the one I was going to move into and it also comes with a washer and dryer. It does not have as much close space but it makes up for that by having a small dining area (which I will use as a studio for photographing jewelry). We shall see, but I think it will work out pretty good.

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