I'm Back!!

Just as I had feared, Comcast came out today to install my internet connection. I recieved a call at work about 6:30 and after explaining what had happened last week, the guy told me if I could get home by 7:30, as I had told him I could make it by that time, he would be able to set me up tonight. Once he arrived, it only took him about 10 minutes to set me up and here I am! and I have a speed about 3 times as fast as the dsl I was on. So, I have faster speed and 6 months for 20 bucks, I don't see anything wrong with that deal.
This is for Greg, yes Ricky Williams could not have picked a worse time to anounce his retirement. I think he has some kind of issue with the Dolphins and this is more about that than his not wanting to play anymore. He is not Barry Sanders and he will not be remembered with the same respect.

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