Not much really to write about tonight. Today was S's last day before going on vacation. She will return a week from friday. She is the one replacing me. So my work is cut out for me for the next week. I talked with K today and she is going to focus on old claims (I am taking over for K) while I work on new claims, keeping them from becoming old ones. So I am bringing home each days invoices, looking them over and making any changes needed before submitting them. Of course, tonight I didn't do that, but that is because the parents returned from visiting my daughter and I spent some time chatting with them. Also dashed down to the library to pick up book 8, "The Mark" in the Left Behind series. But I will look them over in the morning. Should not take very long.
I chastised Kevin, from tj's place because he was complaining about having to buy stuff from other people who are selling stuff for the kids. You know, fundraisers. Told him to just buy the stuff, he someday he will have a kid that will be selling stuff. He responded that he does buy the stuff. But even cooler (remember, Kev is the "cool" dude of bloggers, like the "cool" dude from school! haha) he posted a quick note on MY blog. Pretty good day indeed.
Mr. Texas of the moment, Lance Armstrong, has the rest of the Tour de France field right where he wants them. Only thing wrong is his divorce a year or two ago made him seem more human, the pedistal got just a little lower. But he is still a hero in my book.
The more I watch "Seinfeld" the more I think it is about the best sitcom every produced. This is coming from someone who loves "All in the Family" and "M.A.S.H.", some of the all time classics. I want their lives. My life is filled with so much deep seriousness and drama. They just never really worry about things, always find someone to date and really just lead shallow lives. I have been coming up with deep thoughts since I was a kid and I am just tired. I just want to have shallow thoughts and a shallow life for awhile. But alas, that is not my path in life so it really is just a dream. Maybe when I turn 90 and retire (because that will be the age of retirement by the time I get there!).

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