What a wonderful day!

Without going into too much detail as I have a splitting headache, everything I did today turned out extremely well. Signed the papers and paid the rent on my apartment. Went to Circuit City to take advantage of their offer on a cable modem. Ended up getting 6 months of internet for $20/month without having to purchase a modem. Bought a $25 card for my T mobile phone and found out that instead of having 90 days before having to purchase another card, I have a whole year before my minutes expire! Opened a new bank account. I had recieved an offer from a local credit union that if I opened an account with a minimum deposit of $25, they would give me $50, so I did. A small catch, you have to also open a savings account for $25 and while you don't lose the $25 in the savings account, it is not available for use. You only get it back when you close your account. And you must keep your account open for at least 6 months or they will charge the $50 back to you. But that is fine, I will use this account to put extra money in. At my work, we truly only close for 2 holidays a year, but we get paid for 3 more. Plus we get paid whatever time we work those days. I will that holiday pay in this account as savings. And it come with a Visa checkcard, so I will have access to the money anytime I need it. Was ready to leave the house this evening with Dad to go to the thrift store for some silverware for my new apartment when I got a call from Comcast. A lady was telling me about an offer, seems that the guy that redid my appointment for next Tuesday because of the new offer messed it up and actually had canceled the appointment. I explained all that had happened but she lost the opening for my Tuesday appt. So now I have an appt for next Friday although she is going to see if her supervisor can get me Tuesday back since it was not my fault that the guy messed up the order. I have a feeling that I now have 2 appts, but we shall see. Found some good stuff at the thrift store and I cannot wait until I move in. Sunday is the day, although we are going to haul some stuff saturday night. I have to get a bed this weekend so I have something to sleep on. Just a good day.

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