Tomorrow is my 2nd saturday off since I went to work at DDN. But I really count it as my first because my "real" first was when I went to see jess back in May. That day I still had to get up early to leave town. Tomorrow, I don't have to get up early. Well, at least not 6 am early. I am looking foward to a Saturday off. But really, it isn't much different than any other day. The only thing I was really missing, and it was a big thing, was alot of events take place only on Saturday. I haven't felt much like doing things this year, but I think with more time this will pass. Maybe not.
On a different note, I don't think I much like bloggers new way of posting. I tried using the "compose" feature and it kept locking up my mozilla browser (which is the one they recomended!). I am an absolute believer in mozilla, I use it exclusively. But why did they have to fix something that wasn't broke? I know it is free and I should not complain, but the google guys are the ones wanting us to use it. I guess they will get it worked out, they are pretty smart dudes.

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