Gone for awhile...

After tomorrow morning I will not be posting for a week or so as I am finally moving into my own place! Hooray for me! But I will not have internet access until next Friday. I was supposed to have it installed Tuesday but the guy that redid my order inadvertantly canceled it and when Comcast called back to make another offer, my tuesday slot was gone so now I have to wait until Friday. But that is ok, I choose to remain positive and be thankful I caught the msg instead of being negative because I have to wait 3 extra days. Everything is about perspective.
I received some medical bills from my son's mother today. I knew she would be sending them again since I am returning to my son's life. Now if they would just send the court orders. They are a week overdue. I will call on Monday and find out about that.
My new apartment is pretty cool. I mean it is just an apartment, but I like the layout and the neighborhood. I am looking forward to spending alot of time down at the small "lake" next to the complex. It reminds me alot of Canyon Lake in Rapid City. Canyon Lake was about 4 times as large, but this one is still the size of 3 or 4 football fields. With a path going all the way around it and benches all along it along with alot of wildlife including a number of ducks, there will be plenty of photographic opportunities.
With tomorrows move to the new place, another chapter of my life is closing followed by the beginning of a different chapter. The past 9 months here at my folks home has been both an enlightening experience and a shelter for a brokenhearted man. I have learned so much, most of about myself, but also about others. It has given me the opportunity to become closer to my parents. While I had lived next door to them for 6 years before I moved to Rapid City, I was not "close" to them. As for myself, I have learned to look at myself, to take responsibility for my own actions and to find the positive in everything that happens. I have also found my spiritual strength also. And it has meant so much to me. I do not know what the future holds for me, but I look forward to it with newfound ideals and abilities. I was happy with Tam, but I have and continue to keep my promise to her to do whatever it takes to be the kind of person I want to be. I have not allowed my coming back be a reason for anger and revenge.

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