More treasures...

Just after I had uploaded my last post, my aunt called and invited us to have lunch with them. So off we went again. I had intended to stay home all day and work on my slideshow for C so she could see my work and let me shoot her wedding. Well, so much for that. After finishing lunch we all chatted for a coupld of hours. I told them about our trip to the thrift store and the table I had purchased. My aunt asked where it was and it so happens it was just around the corner from where we were eating lunch! So off we went to the store. I found a set of four of these cute plates and I just had to get them. I think they will add a nice bit of color to my new table. Next is a tablecloth with some matching color and my kitchen will be done. I may hang 2 fo these on the wall and use 2 for serving on. Since it will only be me and Jess. But maybe not. I am going to purchase a bakers rack from target and stack the plates sideways on it. All in all it has been a very good weekend. Posted by Hello

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