Hey there!

As busy as my week has been, it has been very enjoyable also. The downer is Jess has to wait 8 more days before I can pick her up because they were not smart enough to schedule her release at the same time as her final hearing. But she is coming home, and she took the news very well. We had a good counseling meeting Tuesday. I have narrowed down the things I feel are important to pray for. I pray for wisdom, knowledge, strength, and patience. This is how I see it. I pray for the wisdom to have the strength to be patient enough to gather the correct knowledge to make good decisions and reactions to whatever comes my way. I have stated before how farmers would pray for rain for their crops. In truth, what they needed to pray for was the strength to perservere if the rain does not come. God does not answer a prayer for rain. He gives the farmer the strength, wisdom, knowledge, and patience to be ready for when it does rain! The rain will come sooner or later, but the farmer that slacks off, does not get the soil tilled in time, does not keep the equipment ready is the farmer that will go hungry during the winter. Having said all this, I have had such a feeling of peace this week. I know that whatever comes my way from now on, I can deal with and survive. Not only because I have survived up to this point, but because I have accepted Jesus Christ in my heart, knowing I am imperfect and yet He still loves me. I no longer worry so much about what might happen because I have know way of know what will happen. I do know that I can handle and deal with whatever may happen. I will be patient, gain knowledge, use my wisdom, and be strong to make good, sound decisions. Some people take longer than others to learn these things, and yet some never learn these things so I feel anytime is a good time.

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