I am now finishing my third day in my apartment. The perception of time is such a strange thing for us as we go through our lives. I spent 12 months in Rapid City. Then 9 months living with my folks as I attempted to put my life back together, do things differently. Now, having moved to a new area, somewhere I have never lived before, the past 9 months seem like a dream. And the 12 months in Rapid City, a very distant dream. Just 3 days, and yet such a long time. I am enjoying being here, and there is so much I want to do, yet I also am feeling alot of loneliness. I just keep reminding myself that this is just for a short while as Jess will be coming home in 3 weeks. I had lunch with Bethany on Monday as she needed a friend to talk to. I don't like to see her hurting so bad, I hope she can work things out with her beau or have the strength to move on with her life. I could only tell her what I have learned. One thing is that I can be lonely and happy at the same time. I keep my focus on my daughter and son, my joy comes from them.
Work is going pretty well, we have some new advisors coming in. I don't think I posted about the young female advisor that just walked out on us on Monday. We were shorthanded and could not find her when someone noticed a post-it note on her computer screen that simply said "I quit". Some way to let people know you are having struggles. I am sure she has her reasons, but if she was having that much trouble she could have sat down with the manager and had a discussion. I have no respect for quitters. That is not to say I have not quit at something before, I feel we all have given up at some point at something. But to just walk away with trying? Sounds familiar. There is a difference between giving your best and resigning yourself that you are not going to accomplish what you are trying to do, and just quitting. I hope she can live with herself and what she did (and I am only half talking about the advisor that quit). I digress, I have written enough about what she did and how it led me to be here. I have to say that I have been following what Dr. Phil wrote. Sometimes you make the right decision and sometimes you make the decision right. I love it here as I have alot of what I had in Rapid City. The lake here is so much like Canyon Lake in RC. The peaceful neighborhood (although the complex is busy with cars comeing and going). My only wish is that if I cannot share it with the one I love, I find someone to love that I can share it with. Only time will tell.

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