This is for Lady Charisse.

Yahoo! News - Partners Agree to ISS Crews of "More than Three;" Details Sketchy: "With a once-planned U.S. crew-transport vehicle now scrapped, docking a second Soyuz capsule to the station is the only existing or planned means of boosting the crew complement beyond three."
Lady Charisse had told me about a shuttle type vehicle NASA was going to build. Seems they have changed their mind on that too.

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Lady Charisse said...

I could kill 'em for it too.... I was there a few years ago and got to see the X-38 in testing...then I was there a few weeks ago and saw the plans furthered...now they go and scrap ALL the known stuff to me in favor of some RUSSIAN crap?????????

I'm going to get a job there and straighten things out!!!!! or maybe just tease my way up to the top and fix things there.....

By the way, my url has changed...link needs to be updated...