I have a bed! A bed of my own! Except for three nights in a motel when I went to Arkansas to see jess, I have slept on a sofa sleeper for 9 months and an air mattress 6 nights. I now have a real bed of my own. Today I purchased a mattress, box springs, and a frame. Now I know they are not expensive, fancy ones, but they are mine. People, including me, take so many of the little things in life for granted. But when you lose those little things, you realize that it is the little things in life that mean the most. Like having someone to go for a walk with or spend a morning checking out garage sales. You can have all the money and fame in the world, want for nothing but if you do not have someone to share it with, you have nothing. I have a bed now, but without someone to share it with, at least from time to time, it is still empty, just like my life.

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