Day's Events....

What a beautiful day! The weather, while hot, was perfect. Started the day purchasing a 100pk of cd-r's from circuit city. They have the right idea when it comes to internet buying. Saw the ad in the flier that came in the paper. Decided it was a good deal (reg. $29.99, on sale for $9.99). Could not find the time that the store opened but decided if I could purchase online. Circuit City has it set up so you can purchase online and pick-up at the store. And the discs were available for pick up, actually that was the only way to get them! Works for me. Went Circuit City, the didn't open until 11 am, so I went to Fry's. Found a book for Photoshop 7 for only $15 (most of them were $30-$50) and bought an adapter and extension cable for my keyboard. The cable and adapter didn't work after I got home, this keyboard is frustating me. It is a USB board, but it does not work in my 2.0 slots. The adapter was to hook it up into the PS/2 spot, but that did not work. I think I will just purchase another keyboard, the old PS/2 style. sometimes old technology is the best technology. Went back to Circuit City, picked up my discs and proceded to Office Depot to check on the price/availability of a 24" x 48" folding table. They had one, a wooden topped table for $29. Dashed over to Wal-mart to check their prices but theirs was a flimsy plastic one for a dollar less. Back to Office Depot, picked up the table and then off to the grocery store for some more chicken wings and some pork for kabobs. Got home, put everything away and set up my table. I had brought home a ton of paperwork from work and the table worked out wonderful. Worked on invoices, grilled chicken wings and pork kabobs with onion, tomatoes, and green bell pepper. As usual, came out wonderful! Then I spent the remainder of the evening watching Independence Day and working invoices. Finished just a bit ago and now I here, telling my day, alone, missing my wife, to whoever out there might wander across this. Hope all had a great 4th and we will see what tomorrow brings.

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