Pretty good day today. Very busy, worked hard. Came home and rested awhile, then hit the warranty claims again. Put on the headphones and listened to some soft music. Only problem is these songs hurt. Art of Noise and Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie sings what I feel, "Can't make you love me". And the "Art of Noise" because I know how Tam would love that song. I go on and on, but I feel what I feel. Had another dream last night. Was traveling in a car with the folks. I was sitting in back and another person was riding with us. I don't know who this person was, but as we passed through a small town in west texas (where Tam is from) we drove by a a house that this person pointed out was where Tam lived now. I didn't see her there but in the dream I could picture her there. It hurt. In the dream, after that had happened I just wanted to get divorced and metaphorically get as far from her as I could. That isn't what I want of course, but it was a dream after all.

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