Tragedy on the highway this past weekend. A tractor-trailer followed by a pickup were stopped as the highway, due to construction, narrowed from two lanes to one. A second tractor-trailer did not see that the vehicles were stopped and, without slowing down, slammed into the truck, instantly killing the three men in the pickup. A grandfather, his son and grandson were in the truck (I was told this, have not confirmed it). I post this tragedy, not because of morbid fascination, but rather because it causes me to wonder why some are taken by God before others are. I have my faith that it is what is meant to be, and I certainly am not ready to leave this earth, I have unfinished business. But it is another example of how we never know when it is our time. Is the butterfly effect in play here? Possibly. Possibly something one of the people involved in this happening did something long ago that led to this moment. Maybe God sent out the "boat" (see previous posts on the old man on the roof during a storn) and because one of the people here did not "get on" the boat, this is what happened. We will never know these answers, only God does, but we wonder.... Posted by Hello

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