I have a home!

Yesterday, as I was waiting for a phone call from the Bedford apartments, I recieved a phone call from the Arlington apartments saying I had been approved! Not only that, but they were not going to require any additional deposit (divorces have a way of putting you in deep debt!). At first I was confused and thought it was the Bedford place so I did not immediately tell them I was upset with them and no longer wanted to live there. And that is a good thing. By not burning a bridge there I have assured myself of a place to live. I should get confirmation from the Bedford place today and if the agent was incorrect and they do turn me down, I now have a backup plan. Sometimes it pays to just shut-up. I told them I would be moving in on the 1st of the month, but if I do have to go to the Arlington apt's I will call them back and ask if I can move in this weekend. Things are looking up. Now only if I could get the paperwork from the ex's lawyer things would be just peachy.

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