Damn email...

I forgot my pendrive this morning so after a day of blogging at work, saving to notepad so I could copy and paste onto here, I emailed it to myself from work. To 2 different email addresses, and they still have not shown up. I just can't seem to get it right. I forget the floppy disc so I use the pendrive, then I forget to put my pda in my bag, so I email it. I just can't get it together. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.
I have started using horizontal rules in my blog (as if anyone couldn't notice!), I feel it makes a nice way to end one ramble and begin another.
Speaking of rambling, I hung up on Dad this evening. They put their car in the shop yesterday to get the dents from last months hail storm removed. The had asked me to take them to work tomorrow as sister will have the car. I said no, I didn't want to get up that early so I would just rent a car. Today I changed my mind and decided I would get up early and take them. Sister emailed and asked me to call him as he was getting on to her because she had not picked up the rental car from me. I called and stated I had changed my mind, I would just take them. He started off on me as he does so I just hung up. I don't need to be talked to like that and I don't have to listen to it. He may be my father but I can change my mind if I want to. It was my $50 that was going to be spent, so I feel I have the right to change my mind. I was going to tell him this evening about it but that got cancelled. I really can't wait until I get my own place. I need to continue to pay bills, but I need to get my own place also.
Speaking of bills, I set up my payments to them as bill pays through my bank account. Seems silly since I live here that I would have a check mailed to them, but I use my bill pay to track when my bills are going to be paid and those were the only two that I didn't have on the schedule. It will be easier for me this way.
Rained most of the day today. I played porter again and a couple of the cars I pulled up were on the back row, which collects water. So I was wading through 6 inch deep water. Feet soaked, clothes damp, I was ready to get home and get changed.
Finally got Jess's photo album mailed off to her. It is supposed to arrive on Saturday as the USPS is closed on Friday in observance of R.Reagan's funeral. I had wanted more photos in it before I mailed it off but I will just have to send them later. I am hoping the weather clears and the yard dries enough by this weekend that I can take some pics of the dogs to send to her.
I have been following a blog called TJ's Place. It is written by a guy that is a manager of a strip club in the midwest somewheres. He really is a good writer and alot of us follow him daily. I want to write as well as he does and I am learning some things from him. I hope he understands that imitation is the best form of flattery. I want my own style, but I am learning some techniques from him. I had hoped to turn my other blog, themacman, into something like his but I feel this is too close to copying. So I will take some from his style but use a different kind of theme on it. Or I just might keep this one only (well, keep my rant one also, but rant a little more!) as it is enough to keep one going. Unlike some blogs I follow, I don't feel I need a different blog for every different kind of topic (I have come across some people that keep one for personal, one for political ideas, and another for whatever). I understand one for business and one for personal, two or three different personal ones? I don't think that is for me.

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Zelda said...

Thanks for visiting me. I am enjoying TJ's place as well. I keep two different blogs - one for politics and one personal. I enjoy writing the political one more, but the personal one is more fun to read. Besides, if you mix the two, people who disagree with your politics will start using your personal life against you. I think its best that they're seperated at least for me. I am just hoping to not offend too badly with the sex stuff. I have a very poor guage of the inappropriate, so I'm hesitant to tell anyone I actually know about it. Strangers are less judgemental and much easier to tell off.