The Last Time...

The following are photos of our last trip together. We went to Devils Tower in Wyoming for another day of exploring a new place. As always it was a wonderful time together. We had taken the backroads so we could sightsee, in which we discoverd some interesting canyons and small towns. Even though she was still wearing her boot for her pulled calf she did walk quite a bit with me. She then told me to go ahead and walk all the way around, she would sit and wait for me. That was one of the many things I loved about her, she let me do my thing and would just wait patiently for me. It took me about an hour or so including stops to see the surrounding countryside and shoot photos of the tower itself. On the backside is the original ladder created by the anglo discoverers of the tower (the Native Americans had known about the tower for centuries!). The way the tower sits watch over the land is really quite intimidating! After returning to her and taking some more photos we headed down the mountain to eat some grilled chicken. We then found out we had forgotten to bring any matches so she went off to town 9 miles away to get some and I stayed behind to set things up and watch for photo opportunities with the local wildlife. After eating we went back up to the tower as I wanted to get some shots of the tower as the sun was setting. As night was falling I was putting away my camera equipment when we noticed a group of young males whistling and moving ever closer to us. We were the only people in the parking lot that was surrounded by tall forest trees although there were several cars near us. We started to panic as we realized these boys were most likely going to try to rob us! The thing that I feel saved us from being robbed was as I threw my stuff in the car and we took off a couple of young men came out of the trees with climbing equipment slung over their shoulders! I stopped a few times as we left the park so I could try to get some photos of the setting sun shining on the tower. But each time I stopped and just got set up a vehicle would approach and I was afraid it was these boys following us, or at the least they would recognize us as the ones who had gotten away from them and would try again to rob us. I finally gave up and we headed home. While I will remember every trip we took together, it seems the last one is always the the most special one. I will never understand why the Lord took us down this path because I know in my heart we were meant for each other, but I will remember my time with her as the most special of my life.

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