Today's events...

Today is our monthly "Right From The Start" event. What we do is invite people to come and see all our new vehicles. We set it up in the shop after work with one of each model we offer. Food is catered in, both for the employees that will attend and the people who come to see the new vehicles. Usually, bar-b-que is catered in for the employees and sandwiches for the customers. I have yet to stay for one of these events as it does not start until 7pm and I am ready to go home. Also, and maybe this is not being a team player, but I just don't get paid enough of or have a position high enough that warrants my presence. The cashiers and porters don't stay for it and even though I make more than them, I am still closer to their level in the company than I am to management. Now if this dispatch position does materialize, that will be a different story. Until then, I am a peon and I will perform as one. (I am a team player I just don't like anyone to know I am).
Mom and Dad are finally getting their car fixed from the hail storm we endured last month. They didn't have the deductible but they were told about a guy that does side work that will do it for the amount of their insurance check. He picked up the car last evening and should be through by tomorrow. I am going to take them to work in the morning since sister will have the other car and she does not get home in time. At first I balked at having to get up at 5:30am and run them to the train station, I was going to rent them a car, but I have decided it is not that big of a deal. I will just go to bed a little early tonight. And the guy may be through with it by today, so we shall see.
The rain has finally stopped. It had been going non-stop since yesterday morning. The forcast calls for intermittant showers all through the week. Today's high is only 81 which is very unusual for June. I will take it though because each cool day is one less hot day I have to endure.
Mom and Dad spoke to Jess last night and they told me that she said her mother wants her to live with her. I have made the decision that this is not an optional thing. Jess will have some sayso but not really much. She is coming home to me when she is released and that is that. Tina had her shot at taking care of her and did no better than I did and possibly worse. Also, I was told she may move to Nebraska and I am sorry I have been away from Jess long enough, I am not going to live that far away.
I do have to say I really like this Hello program that blogger has partnered with to upload photos. I still wish there was a way to put photos side by side with it as I did by linking to my photo host site, but we can't have everything now can we? I take what I can get and make the best of it and that is what I am doing with blogger and Hello. Hey, it's free so I am not going to complain!
Just returned from lunch. Finally got Jess's picture album sent off! I have been telling her for 3 weeks I would get it done! Now I need to continue sending her photos. I hope to take some of the pets soon. Mom did include one photo of Nipper but we need some of Wishbone also. That can be a good project for this weekend. Clouds are forming to the west right now, I think rain is moving back in. Probably start just as it is time for me to leave.
Last weekend Mother bought a large box of minute rice. I think instead of buying dinner out each evening I am going to buy things such as canned chile (they always have plenty of that around) and canned stew or soup and have that with rice. It will be cheap, filling and easy to make.

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