What a day!

Glad it is over! Managed to hurt Mothers feelings, the air conditioner has gone out, and man do I love blues music! I am sorry about mother, but once again I know that I just should not try to carry on a conversation with her. When she is ready for it to be over, it is over, whether I am finished or not. Don't know yet what the a/c is going to cost or what is wrong, but I will make some phone calls tomorrow. I have been over at garageband.com downloading and listening to some really good blues music. There is no reason for people to pay for good music when there is so much out there for free, legally free that is. Most "stars" are just a result of marketing hype because I listen to "nobody's" that put out as good or in most cases, better stuff than what you have to pay $10-$17 dollars for. Now, there are times when you come across something so good and new that it is worth buying, such as Tony C. and the Truth. Got that from Kev over at Tj's Place, which I must say is a really cool blog. I cannot wait until I have my own place with all of my things and get my dvd and stereo set back up. I look forward to listening to music alot. I have not listened to hardly any in so long and I really enjoy it, especially not that I have found something I really like and can get alot of it. Not that I am against paying for it, that is not the case at all. But I am against having to pay for 10 songs when 1 is all I want. And it wasn't always this way. I know, I have read how the "artists" regard a whole album as a "body of work". but hey, they need to understand, WE (the fans) make them, not the other way around. If we want only one song, then one song is what we should be able to purchase. They are getting away from why they make music, it is something they have to say, not about making money. If that is their reason, then I suspect they really are not that good then.

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