Funny how things come about...

I had little taste for cottage cheese until one day Tam had said she wanted to start taking it to work with her. So we bought some at Walmart along with a can of mixed fruit. After mixing them together I decided to try a bite and much to my amazement, it was really good! So I told her I wanted to also take some with me to work for my mid-day break snack. After leaving Rapid City I had gotten away from eating it because not only did it have a memory associated with it, but I have very little space in the fridge to myself and I cannot afford to provide it to everyone all of the time, so I just quit eating it. But a couple of weeks ago I started again and made arrangements with the family so they would not eat it. Not that I mind, I just dislike having to go to the grocery store during the week and I was afraid I would come home one evening and be out of my food for the following day. Anyways, I have been taking it but because of the Memorial Day weekend I did not make it to the store on Monday for my usual weekly shopping. Last night I stopped off at the local grocer and purchased a different kind of cottage cheese, I usually get the Walmart housebrand fat free and this was Borden's regular. The point to this entry is, the Borden's tasted very different and I can tell you it will be last time I purchase any kind but the Walmart fat free!! So again the point, if Tam had gotten a different kind other than the Walmart fat free, I very well may have never found this kind that I did like and therefore would still not be eating cottage cheese. The bigger picture is you never know just how close you come to discovering something, or the opposite, missing out on discovering something. Tonight I will stop at Walmart and get the kind I like.

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