What a day!!

What a way to start out my day! Not long after I started work today I really got into it with an advisor. I was booking a number of ro's when the cashier paged for a car to be pulled up. After the 3rd time, she called me and asked if I could bring it up. I said "Is there anyone up there that can bring it?". She said no and she would handle it. I told her no, whats the tag? and I would get it. She started t give me some lip, I said don't get smart just tell me what the number is. She did, and I got the keys. I detoured to the drive so I could tell the first advisor I saw they needed to listen for the pages and help pull cars as we have no porter today. I saw K and said that, then went on outside to pull the car. Next thing I know he is in the middle of the drive screaming at me. I said, "come on back here and lets talk about this", so as to get him away from customers watching him scream his head off. Once he was back there he threatened me, said "next time you call me back somewhere I'm gonna take you out.", to which I replied, "your not gonna do anything...except walk away." I am not afraid of him or anyone else and I was not going to take his crap. We were seperated and I went to my office and calmed down. Once I had told my story to Donny and then later to Bruce things were ok I guess. K called me on the phone to tell me something about an ro he needed finished and he talked to me in a normal voice like nothing had happened. Go figure.
Speaking of attitudes changing. After I got home, sister came in and started talking to me in nice, decent tone. So returned the favor and we actually had a pleasant evening. I may still have confrontations with people at times, that is part of life and we must accept that, but reacting to the confrontation is important too. I reacted by choosing to keep my mouth shut, even when K was running his mouth to everyone in the shop. By doing that, things calmed down and seemed to be ok. Now, he may be waiting for me by my car to kick my ass when I get off work, but I don't think so. And if he is, he will get more than he bargained for. If a person likes to fight, they fight fair. When a person fights to defend themselves, they fight to win. I abhor fighting, but if I have to defend myself, then I will. I am not afraid of anyone, but I am not stupid either.
Today I changed back to my old wallet. The one I had purchased last month in Arkansas just was not working out. The real reason I changed was in an attempt to further put Tam behind me. See, when I bought that wallet, her and I were at Walmart and I said I liked it. She said, as she always did, "I think you should get it". She let me be me, and I loved her for it. So, it was starting to get a little worn, but not yet time to replace it because of wear and tear. I thought to myself, "Myself, get a new one, move on, put her behind you. Get rid of the things that remind her of you." But that is easier said than done. I paid $15 for the new one, and after starting to think I didn't like it, I thought to myself "Myself, you paid money for it, use it." But I changed back because I really liked the one I had before. So I will live with memory of that time I bought it because it is a good memory and I will use it until it really needs replacing. Then I probably will replace it with one just like it or very similiar.

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