If yesterday is any indication...

To my week, then all will go well at tomorrow's hearing! What a good day it was. First, I was able to get alot of work done, second I was called to a last minute meeting at corporate where I was able to impress all the managers and the head controller! (pats on the back from all around!) Third, since I now leave at six I got home in time to speak with Jess for a few minutes, so that really made my day. And fourth, last night we had our little dinner party for T from work in honor of her staying with it and finishing high school. I really had a good time at this little get together as everyone accepted me. I know it was just a little thing but all through my life I would put up walls between people and myself because I felt like no one wanted to be my friend. I never gave them the chance to be my friend and therefore they wouldn't. This was a new experience for me. (I have been to things like this, but usually it was for a holiday or some such). This was a good thing and it is part of my growing and maturing as a person. To boot, I may get to shoot a wedding. C, who just started at work is getting married in August and it seems her photographer has backed out. I am going to show her my work I have done since I have been here using my digicam. I am confident when she sees my shots of my family and my macro work, she will feel comfortable enough to let me shoot her wedding. I also told her how with digital I can change them from color to black and white and spruce them up. I also will make her a video cd slideshow set to music. This could be a big thing for me as if I get to do it and I do it well, I will have something to show others. Her fiance asked how much I would charge and I told him I would do it for free. I need the experience and material for a portfolio. If I do it well enough, maybe word of mouth from them will get me some paying work. I think there is a niche area for people who cannot afford to spend alot of money. Instead of $1200-$1500 or more, I could charge a couple of hundred, burn to a disc after editing, and they can print what they want at what pace they want to print it. It is something for me to think about.
Tomorrow is the big day. I have come so far since I returned to Texas and I am so close to having a life again. I just hope this court hearing goes in my favor. I really don't want any setbacks in my financial situation. I can't understand my luck at the women I become involved with. For whatever reason it just has not worked out. Partly I am to blame, of course, but I have always had the belief that you work it out, that , as Dr. Phil's wife said, divorce is not an option. These were not abusive relationships, I have never been, nor will I ever be that kind of person. I just seem to meet women that are scarred from previous relationships so they don't have the strength or desire to work things out whenever an obstacle arises. No issue ever goes away on its own, it must be dealt with.

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