Tiring day...

Got a nasty email response from sister regarding the one I had sent to her yesterday. I expected as much and I returned the favor. She says she
"is tired of me telling her she is worthless and that I don't want her to be part of the family".
That just is not true. I just told her in my response today that she is lazy and has no appreciation for what others do for her. I do things around their house, not to show anyone up, but to stand by what I preached last summer to my step-daughter. Help those that help you. I don't believe in charging rent to family when you are helping them out, but at the same time, those being helped should show some humbleness and gratitude by doing whatever they can to repay that kindness with kindness. I do things for my parents because I love them and I want to help them. I will do what I can when I can once I have left them. Always have, even there have been times that I felt as though they didn't think that was the case. If I offer you something, I do so because I want to, not because I want something in return. But at the same time, any decent person will have a sense of gratitude and will return the favor as best they can when they can. Right now, I do for them because it is how I repay their kindness for letting me stay there and pay off bills. Sister, on the other hand, has this idea that she belongs there, that it is her home as well. It is not her home, it is where she stays, as it is for me. I listen to them bitch and gripe but no one seems to want to do anything about it. Who wants to hear people yell, cuss, call each other names? I certainly don't. I don't have to listen to it, and I won't. I will walk away, not only so I don't have to hear someone bitching and griping, but so I don't say things that I will regret saying. She does not understand what she does to them. I think they feel guilty in some way for how she is. What did they do wrong? What could they have done different? I know, because I ask myself these same questions about my daughter. Any parent that cares about their child asks these questions when their child has problems and issues. I have them, I am sure they wonder the same about me. I will be ok though, because even though it took 20 years and alot of heartache, I know what I must do. Pay my bills and live within my means. Stay out of debt. These are keys to low stress. It takes alot of energy to raise a child, keeping any other stress to a minimum helps keep focus on the child.
Today I purchased a fajita taco, they come around every day with a cooler on a small cart selling various kinds. I have been meaning to buy from her, she is one hot caliente! She is about 20 or so and comes with her little sister (say little, she is not only smaller, she looks younger, maybe 18!). I may be going through a tough time in life regarding relationships, but I still appreciate a beautiful woman! She will make a wonderful wife to some guy someday. Her father works for Don Davis (not sure which dealer, but not ours) and she took over his route for selling tacos on the side. Kind of expensive ($2 ea.) but I don't buy them every day. It did hit the spot though.

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Lady Charisse said...

The situation with your sis sounds a lot like mine. I stay out of it, only coming in when no one's around but me and her, but she blows me off as usual. Part of being a sibling to a...uh...not exactly ungrateful, but...uh...well, y'know...kind of sister. Y'know, it's rare when I find someone that works out of kindness. Your actually one of the extremely few (less than five i believe) that I've found online. I'm sure there are more, but I've not found them yet.

Is it home-made fajita tacos? YUM! I just recently got a friend's mom to make me some home-made tamales....$8 a dozen...better than driving all the way to the Red River or driving down to Oak Cliff (a bad place...always in the news for something). True, those are $6 a dozen, but then figure in gas...not cheap. And it's safer (and delivered! hehe).

Thanks for stopping by my site. I get few readers and fewer commenters. Great to have ya. (come back again?)