I have an update to my work situation. I signed my new pay plan today and while it is not what I was seeking, it is a good enough start. If I prove myself then more will come, I have been assured. So that is good news. I will not be getting my own office next door at L/M. We all talked and decided it would be best for me to share my current office with the woman that is replacing me for at least a few months so that I can get her trained to a proficient level.
I purchased a cell phone today. Got one from T-Mobile. I was reading an article on Yahoo about the pay-as-you-go plans. After researching the 4 main ones I settled on T-Mobile as the most flexible and lowest cost on getting started. $69 with a $20 mail in rebate and if I purchase new minutes withing 90 days my minutes will roll over. So, $25 card 4 times a year equals $100 which is less than $10 per month. Since I have no one to talk with I feel that 100 minutes a pop will be more than enough.

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