He did it again...

My director, Bruce, held me back from a promotion once again. I was up for a make ready manager position as they were going to make a change. They were not happy with the person that was hired for the position and I was being pushed by my direct manager for it. But Bruce had another of his former employees show up needing a job and he got it. I don't hold anything against the guy, he was in the same position I was, needing a job. But I was here first and I feel I should have been promoted and that guy put in my current position as the make ready manager makes alot more money than I do. But the good news is my direct manager, Donny, wants to make me the dispatcher, which will also pay alot more money. We have not had a dispatcher and we need one as the team leaders, who are supposed to dispatch, are blowing it off. I can do this job and I want it. I need to make more money so I can pay off bills and provide for my kids.
On another note, I am really getting with my family well now. Whether they ever admit it or not, they have come along way in the way they deal with sister and I. I enjoy being around them and look forward to seeing them every weekend once I am out on my own place. I not only love them, but I really like them now too! Kidding. I have always liked them, but they are just more pleasant to be around now. Of course that is subject to change at any time!

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